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The Diaspora Yeshiva, the only Jewish institution located on Mount Zion, was the first in Israel to open its doors to those with little or no Torah knowledge. Since its opening in 1967, it has grown to include a multitude of programs for men and women of all levels of Jewish knowledge.


The goal of the Diaspora Yeshiva is to make Gedolim - outstanding Torah personalities who are dedicated scholars and leaders capable of actualizing Torah values in this modern world. If you are seriously interested in finding out the meaning of in-depth Torah study, coming close to G-d, and developing your Jewish potential to the utmost, Diaspora Yeshiva has a place for you. The Yeshiva offers a total program of traditional Jewish study, in a highly charged atmosphere of vibrancy and growth.

A Special Study of Character and Personality Development (Mussar)In keeping with the goal of maintaining the highest levels of scholarship and understanding, the Yeshiva employs a highly specialized handed-down method of learning. The wonderful depths of Torah wisdom are revealed to the student through an exciting question and answer format in which he is stimulated to search for real truth and be responsible for his conclusions. The most important aspect of this method is the crystallization of learning formulas, which the student himself can reproduce, in an independent study.

Yeshiva for ExcellenceTruth, learning, openness, character, leadership, and warmth; this is a Yeshiva for excellence, a powerful Torah Center where you can achieve the most exalted levels available to man. If you would like to take the challenge, we would love to help you grow.

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